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We help businesses with their payment solutions hassle free. Building strategy plans for online payments.

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We bring together years of experience in online payments

Take advantage of our experience in online payments, minimizing risk, failure, and making online payments simpler. 

Good communication, Team work.

Our team is there for you to communicate your requirements and answer any of your questions. Customer support is 24/5 giving you peace of mind if you need to get in touch to resolve a problem quickly.

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We can help you with

Onboarding & Documentation Process

Let us handle all the hard transitioning work and make it simple for you to integrate new payment solutions into your business.

Plan For The Future

Most customers will leave if their preferred method of payment is not accepted. At Paymentor we plan for the future and help integrate the most popular payment methods, so you keep your customer losses to a minimum.

Find The Correct Payment Solutions

Paymentor offers a team of experts that will research and find which payment solutions best fit your business model.

Payment Analytics

Get real time information on all your payments and use them as reference for future decisions.

Get The Best Rates

Paymentor will constantly search for the best conversion rates, keeping you and your customers satisfied with the transactions and cutting losses for both parties.

Strategic Payment Planning

Provide an ease of access and an enjoyable, simple online payment experience for your customer by expanding their options. We will consult and implement the best strategic payment options for your business.


What our clients have to say

This couldn’t have been easier. I registered and within hours i was accepting online payments and making money. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Penny Morgan

eCommerce Store

Being able to monitor my payments and making sure my customer information is secure is a top priority for me. Paymentor helped me achieve just that.


Sarah Acevedo​

Forex Broker

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